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The establishment and strengthening of the protected area (PA) system is an important aspect of biodiversity conservation in Armenia. With the funding allocated by international donor institutions, large-scale programmes and long-term planning have been implemented to create new PAs.
Over the last 10 years, the total area covered by PAs in Armenia has increased by 85,530 hectares, and currently covers 13 % of the country’s territory. 
WWF-Armenia actively supports large-scale efforts to further develop the system of protected areas in Armenia and to improve their management performance. An example of this can be seen in Khosrov Forest and Shikahogh State Reserves, and in the protected areas are under the Zangezur Biosphere Complex, where WWF-Armenia provides logistical support, equipment (such as off-road vehicles, telescopic devices, camera traps, drones, fencing, billboards, ranger shelters), as well as organising capacity-building events (training sessions, courses and practical training). 

As a part of the Eco-Corridor Fund (ECF) project, 6 Community Conserved Areas (CCAs) have been established by the relevant municipalities covering in total more than 34,000 hectares. The CCAs provide protection and wildlife corridor for large mammals such as the Caucasian leopard, the Bezoar goat, the Armenian mouflon, the Brown Bear, the Eurasian lynx among other species. This is an illustrative example of alternative and innovative models of species management WWF uses in Armenia.
The creation of a new protected area, Tatev National Park, is in progress in Armenia, including finalising the boundary of the park in collaboration with the council of aldermen of local communities and creating regulations and a management plan for the new national park. 

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