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We are the worlds leading independent conservation organisation.

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WWF Caucasus

In the South Caucasus we work on protecting region's vital natural resources and biodiversity. With the projects dedicated to the conservational goals, we're also promoting sustainable use of natural resources, helping us all change the way we live and work with business and government to protect our planet for generations to come. Only then can we develop a world where people and wildlife thrive.


Did you know?

In Georgia the Goitered gazelles have gone extinct in 1960s. Since their translocations from Azerbaijan, we have already observed six new generations of gazelles born in Georgia.

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Together with our partners and with the involvement of local communities, WWF Caucasus has implemented a wide range of transformational programmes, which has collectively resulted in establishment of protected areas, around 1500 ha of restored forest landscape in the South Caucasus region, protection/conservation/reintroduction of historic species such as Gazelle, Leopard, Sturgeon, Red Deer, Tur, Chamois and Goitered Gazelle, development of ecotourism and etc.

Did you know?

Leopard is an umbrella species – its conservation will also include the preservation of the prey species and their habitats in South Caucasus.

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What we can do to protect nature?

The nature is in our hand. It is our source of existence and the reason of misery as well, because all that happens around us is to great extent because of us. We cut trees, kill animals, throw rubbish in rivers, smoke and cause pollution – this all affects our health and damages nature.
There is not much that we need to do to protect, sustain and support our nature for our future generations. All we need is to think wise, consume the scarce natural resources with care and react on human violations.
Together we can keep our planet healthy and green and enjoy more healthy air, fresh water and travel to discover the hidden treasures of nature. 

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