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Working with people to secure a better future.

© WWF / Nika Tsiklauri

WWF works directly with people worldwide to support community management of natural resources and to protect those resources against emerging threats. WWF’s collaborative approach to conservation is grounded in the benefits nature provides to people and the role of communities as stewards of their own lands and waters.
WWF has long understood that the people who live in these important regions are critical leaders in nature conservation. Over time, our work with people has supported community efforts and led to transformative social and environmental results. This is our socially inclusive nature conservation approach.


The Eco-Corridor Fund for the Caucasus (ECF) started in 2015 and is a financial instrument to support biodiversity conservation through promoting connectivity and enhancing ecological integrity in large conservation landscapes of the South Caucasus.  These ‘living landscapes’ are maintained by local people through active landscape management, providing habitats and corridors large enough to sustain healthy populations of plants and animals without impeding local economics and traditional lifestyles.  

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