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Nugzar Zazanashvili Samukhi Multipurpose Use Protected Area Established in Georgia

In 2022, the establishment of Nugzar Zazanashvili Samukhi Multipurpose Use Protected Area was approved by the Parliament of Georgia, with the aim to secure the long-term survival of the Gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa) population. This is the first protected area in Georgia, named after Georgian scientist, famous environmentalist and poet Mr. Nugzar Zazanashvili.
For more than 20 years Mr. Nugzar Zazanashvili held the position of Conservation Director of the WWF Caucasus Programme Office. Under his leadership and direct participation, a number of important projects were implemented in the direction of the development of the system of Protected Areas, conservation of species and sustainable management of natural resources. Mr. Zazanashvilis contribution to the successful implementation of the Gazelle Reintroduction Programme is invaluable.
The Law of Georgia on Creation and Management of the Nugzar Zazanashvili Samukhi Multipurpose Area came into force on January 1, 2023. The area of ​​the territory is 13,273 hectares, and the main purpose of its creation is to restore, maintain and protect the Gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa) population in Georgia.
We express our gratitude to all those people and organizations who were involved in the process and supported the unprecedented decision to create a named protected area in Georgia.
Gazelle Reintroduction Programme is implemented by WWF in close cooperation with the governments of Azerbaijan and Georgia, with the financial support provided by the German Government (BMZ / KfW) and WWF Germany and promising results from this collaboration will continue.
© WWF-Caucasus
Nugzar Zazanashvili
© WWF Caucasus
Nugzar Zazanashvili

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