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WWF-Azerbaijan supports the development and strengthening of the protected areas (PAs) system, and recognizes the important role PAs play in the conservation of endangered species and the restoration of ecosystems. WWF-Azerbaijan works in close cooperation with local governmental, non-governmental, scientific, and other organisations to optimise the positive impacts PAs have on biodiversity conservation. 

Over the last 10 years, the overall size of protected areas (PAs) in Azerbaijan has doubled, and PAs now cover more than 10% of the country’s territory. 
WWF-Azerbaijan is involved in several projects being implemented to develop PA infrastructure, strengthen the protection regime, perform research and raise awareness amongst the surrounding communities. 
When WWF started its Leopard conservation programme, Zangezur National Park in Azerbaijan was one of the first PAs to be involved. The park was provided with equipment for patrolling and monitoring of the Leopard and its prey populations. Hyrkan National Park was also identified as Caucasian Leopard habitat and WWF-Azerbaijan has been active in both parks, assisting with the development of a park management plans. 
Zagatala State Reserve is one of the oldest reserves in the country and WWF-Azerbaijan is working to strengthen its conservation capacity by assisting with the development necessary infrastructure, including a ranger station and ranger shelters, and providing the staff with transportation and field equipment. WWF-Azerbaijan also actively supports the delivery of equipment, vehicles, horses and uniforms to: Hyrkan, Absheron, Shakhdag and Zangezur national parks; Zaqatala, Ilisu and Korchay reserves; and Gakh Sanctuary. 

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